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Zen Talent
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    - the creator of the upfront progressive sound as we know it. An international icon. A true monument to progressive dance. First loved in Manchester, England for hand raising anthems, but soon switched to a harder more epic style which enabled him to break the North/South divide. He gained much noteriety here in Florida through exclusive club dates mainly in Orlando. Another veteran, his closing set at last year's event was truly an emotional experience. And now he returns to re-create the magic for us once again.

    - the dynamic duo who's behind the Philly-based Ovum Recordings. Wink, a grand master of innovative house, best known for his releases "Higher State of Consciousness", "Don't Laugh", Size 9's "I am Ready" and his current hit "Are U There?". Partner King Britt, producer/dj behind the legendary Digable Planets, whose 130 Silk and Scuba releases are keeping crowds grooving across the globe.

    - America's first and foremost DJ celebrity. Originally known for his weekly residence at NYC's infamous Limelight nightclub at Disco 2000. Now is an international superstar with multiple mixed CD compilations and high profile original releases. Moonshine Records will be releasing Keoki's first full length album titled "Ego Trip" at Zen. He cleaned up his act and embraced spirituality. So he's ready to move the masses at Zen.

    - This year we are blessed with an early evening reggae performance by the brother of the legendary Bob Marley. He will be spreading the message alongside the Florida based band "Le Coup" led by Ke'vens Celestin. Arrive early (7 p.m.) to experience the messages of peace, brotherhood and personal growth that will be shared. Remember, it's the music that connects us all.

    - The Beethoven of House music. A classically trained pianist from Berlin who blends sweeping soundscapes over intricate rhythms. Refers to Orlando as his second musical home. Previous releases include "Thinking About Myself" and "Cosmic Greets Florida." He has performed in Orlando at Firestone as well as at the huge Infonet events. Now for the first time in 3 years, he is ready to en-trance the entire Southeast.

    - started the Babeouliscious parties in England and Northern Exposure with partner Sasha. Digweed hs produced gems unders Stress Record's - Bedrock. His mixed CD compilations (Renaissance 1 & 2, JDJ, Northern Exposure and others) have sold hundreds of thousands worldwide. He was voted as DJ of the Year by Mixmag-UK. Now he rockes across North America through tours produced by Balance with Sasha. They currently hold a monthly residency at NYC's infamous club, Twilo and together they have gained respect across the house music community.

    - the internationally acclaimed junglist who made the Drum N Bass sound global with the Metalheadz album "Timeless" - a complex stream of consciousness and integrated rhythms with mellow strings. One of the founders and members of the Metalheadz-one of thee most influential jungle groups around. He is known for his charismatic character, his gold teeth and aggressive behavior. He's just massive.

    - best known for their hit singles "Passion", "Red Alert" and "Lift You Up". "Passion" won #1 Freestyle record of the year at the 97 Winter Music Conference and hit the Hot 100 Billboard Chart. Released long awaited full album July 1st. K5's music is a mix of energetic drum patterns, catchy keyboard riffs and crossover style vocals. Arrive before midnight for their dynamic performance.

    - Hunbatz Men is a Mayan daykeeper -- an authority on the history, chronology and calendars of Mayan civilization. He is also the founder of the Mayan Indigenous Community near Merida, Mexico and a respected ceremonial leader. He will be conducting the opening and closing rituals at this year's festival.


JIMMY VAN MALLEGHEM - an Orlando Beachum Theater veteran and established producer for Stress Records-UK. Also heads the nation's only Progressive Dance Record Pool, Euphony Promotions and he produces tours for Sasha and John Digweed under the name Balance Promote Group.

MONK - one of the members of the Hallucination crew, whose DJ skills are in demand nationally and internationally, playing everything from hardhouse to jungle. A definite Tampa pioneer.

FRICTION AND SPICE - owners and founders of their own label Cosmic Records. This dynamic duo of the Orlando sound on FFRR's latest compilation "Sunshine State of Mind." Recently confirmed to a monthly residency on Saturday night at The Club @ Firestone.

SEAN CUSICK - producer/engineer for the fabulous Orlando's Euphony studios. Spinning pumping progressive house and grooves every Saturday in the Den at The Club @ Firestone.

ROB-E - one of Kram Records most travelled dj's and is a master of mixing. With his first single "Let The Beat Control Your Body" becoming quite a success throughout Florida and the nation.

J-LUV - Atlanta's true kingpin droppin' hot wax across the nation. A true friend of Zen. He has resided at eight of Atlanta's finest clubs and is releasing his first single on Terminal Records.

JOE C. - last year's Zen "breakout" dj, a resident of Gainesville's Simon's nightclub plus progressive house catalyst for Kram as Digital Farm. Look for his new EP soon to be out.

JONATHAN WELLS - hailing from Pensacola, with frequent bookings at Miami Beach's Liquid nightclub. Spinning throughout the emerald coast from New Orleans to the far reaches of the South. No hurricane found to stop his sets. Member of Euphony and FUN.

DAYDREAM - founder of Global Sensory Network and website A pioneer in South Florida's underground and ambient music scene. Best known for his sunrise DJ sets out back at The Edge in Ft. Lauderdale.

K-AHZZ - 6 year veteran at Club Boca's infamous Sunday night. Is currently in the studio with a release on the way. Member of Euphony and FUN.

R-FRESH - a South Florida favorite and Club Boca's newest resident on Sundays. Known for bass-rattling sets and his beat scratchin' and samplin' bass and old school tapes.

SOTERO - hailing from San Diego and a member of Tampa's Hallucination family.

ANDY HUGHES - also known as AGH. MAFDDAP record label owner and resident at The Club @ Firestone. His first single "Yummy" is an international hit and his latest single "Hydroplane" is out now. Famous for being head honcho at Cocoa Beach's Brassy's and Mars.

CHRIS HARSHMAN - NY's Artistic Records specialist who plays his unique brand of "harsh house" internationally. Plus, he is the senior sales rep at Watt's Music, one of America's largest importer and distributors of dance music.

THREE - one of the pioneers of the Tampa underground scene and is one of Florida's most sought after. Known for his past Trip magazine and newest member of FUN.

VOODOO - new Florida resident from New Orleans. Mostly known for his releases on Black Magic records. His production career has spanned many diverse releases. He is now prepared to join the Florida family through his set at Zen.

MARC ALAN GRAY - Founder of Collective Communication (C. Comm). Produces tracks and has organized events in Atlanta, NY, Boston, San Diego, Moscow and Helsinki. Welcome to the Zen family.

D-XTREME - The Club @ Firestone's premiere resident and formally of Orlando's Abyss. Now set to release tracks on his new founded label, Pharmacy.

SANDY - another Firestone resident. Known for his work for Orlando's Knightlife and PK Records. His new single "Sandyman" is out now on MAFDDAP.

STRYKE - Miami's techno afficiando and trained as a classical pianist since age 4. Currently signed to Adrenalin Records and Specs Music's music buyer and dance specialist.

STORM - West Palm Beach's vinyl fanatic and South Florida's favorite. The DJ Store's buyer and mail order specialist. 1/3 of the Ton of FUN.

JOHNNY DANGEROUSLY - 2nd 1/3 of the Ton of FUN. His groovy Greek dynamic sets with brother, Storm, are a sight to be seen. Currently working on his new release for Orlando's Outlandz Records. Also a FUN member.

ECLIPSE - One of South Florida's up and coming DJ's. This guy is the promoter's promoter. Always there and always with a flyer. Welcome to the Zen family.

MR. MENDEZ - South Florida's chupacabra of the underground and senior director of FUN. The last 1/3 of the Ton of FUN.

ODIN - The DJ that can build any dance floor. Currently producing tracks for Zen.